is a french way to say "to want it".

To make a change in our way of consumption it's all about the will.

If you want it you will find a way to do it.

Or in french we say "il faut le vouloir". 

Like many of us we are getting more and more aware of our dramatical impact on peoples lives and the environment when we are buying clothes.

I have started to watch a lot of documentary about the fashion and textile industry to really get aware of how cruel is it and how deadly ist it for the environment and our health. 

At this point of time I decided to be make more responsible  choices when I buy cltothes. I said stop to sponteanous uncontrolled shopping behaviours. 

I started to be really disgusted about all clothes I was seeing everyday on Social Media (I still ask myself how we canstill promote brands killing people and destroying the environment) in my room and on the city streets. 

I organized my closet and sold everything I didn't needed anymore. I wanted to refill  my closet with new items: clean and ethical items, which I would be proud to wear when I know the people behind my clothes get  a living wage and I didn't contribute to destroy even more the planet.

It was important to be at peace with myself. It was clear for me: I will buy from responsible brands or if I want a designer pieces for example I will look for it in second hand shop until the designers brands decide to make new responsible pieces.

It's really hard to change our habits I admit it and I am far away from perfect. We need to start somewhere. 

I want to begin with this website and with you . We CAN'T ignore the problem people are facing because of our habits. It could have been anyone of us we are lucky to have the chance to make it change.


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