Follow these 5 steps


1. Be careful of greenwashing 

Consumers are increasingly attentive to the environment, ecology and brands have understood this. In order to play on the trend some brands will use to influence the buyer. 

In order not to make a mistake, simply read the label and refer to the lexicon right here.

2.  Before you buy something

Do you really need it?

Do you have something similar?

Check the labels  and check the conditions of the workers, who makes your clothes

The material(s)

Take time to find these informations




3. Buy to ethical and environmental friendly brands

  • Environmental fabrics and process: Have a look on this fabrics list to help you decide wether it's a good one to buy or not

  • Follow the right labels (Have a look at so, eof them here

4. Buy second-hand


Cheaper with a lot more choices.

By using this process the search time is longer and the purchased garment is well thought out and therefore more valuable.



5. Don't throw away

When you don't need them anymore buy them on second-hand shop online or donate them to a local association. 

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